Adam & Amy’s Couple Photography and Special Guest

by dav.d

It’s some of my family! I’m pretty blessed with some awesome family. We had Amy and Adam up from Arizona during the summer. Everyone quarantines before these visits and we keep the number of family members limited. It’s also a chance to practice my family photography and create some awesome family portraits.

Family photo in Big Springs Park
I love this boulder for portraits

I had photographed Adam and Amy’s wedding but we never had the chance to photograph some engagements. So these were a combination of engagements and partial family photos. One family member was serving a church mission. And then others are spread across the country. Fortunately, Afton was in town since she’s attending Brigham Young University.

Summer is a great time for family photos
A partial family photo

We photographed at Big Springs Park in Provo Canyon. It’s still a favorite spot for family portraits in Utah County. It’s pretty versatile with different spots for backgrounds.

Amy & Adam's portrait
Adam & Amy 2020

I’ve recently upgraded my camera gear this year. It’s been expensive, but worth it. I won’t bore you with details, but the photos look 25% better! That is a number I just made up.

Adam & Amy's portrait
We’re creating a post-wedding engagement photo
Afton rocks her portrait
Afton rocks her portrait

We photographed through much of the park. Trees, rocks, mountains, valleys… we had plenty of options. Amy didn’t have a lot of time, so she was there for the first part of the photo shoot.

Adam and Amy love dancing. I’m not sure if it is swing dancing or country dancing. And I’m too bored to google the difference. But it made things easy for “the dip.” And we have a dip with a kiss, yay!

Incorporating the stream for portraits
Sitting can be a challenge to look amazing

After Amy took off for her meeting, we created some photos of Adam and Afton. Afton’s brother, Matthew, would be returning from a mission in October. So we’ll have to do some family photos again. We’re hoping to have a reunion in June after vaccinations have come out and with much of the family already had a bout with the Lady Rona.

We have a hint of autumn leaves showing up… This was late summer and the mountains start changing first.

And before we left, Adam wanted at least one silly photo.

Adam creates a goofy face
Adam’s silly photo

And since it was family, I had my brother turn my camera on my own face! It was a new lens and I wanted to try out a “selfie” at the location. And I am sure I edited this photo to an inch of its life.

dav.d with magenta hair
dav.d with magenta hair
dav.d photo logo

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