Creating Product Photos for Social Media

by dav.d

It’s nice to have an in house photographer at work and I’m that photographer at Nu Skin. We had this photograph created elsewhere and there was a late request to add two more products. So I went to work… I bring in my own lights, I’m able to use work’s camera and lenses.

I love photographing with Canon cameras. They have some of the best color coming out of the camera. They have a setting that really nails faithful color recreation. I used to create a custom color profile, I’ve since used the Faithful setting, and I get much better results. Hooray!

InstaGlow and Related Products

InstaGlow and Related Products

This was photographed with one main light and I used several reflectors to fill in the shadows. I also used Blu-Tack to help position the different products. I shot tethered to a laptop so I knew if the photographs were coming out properly.

We have a dedicated retoucher here, but sometimes I’ll step in and do the retouching if we’re in a hurry.

This image will be used in some of our social media campaigns and different channels. I also use some of these products myself. The Sole Solutions for feet are amazing! One reason I like being a Nu Skin employee is the free product each month. Yay!

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