Baby Photos with Little Baby Nora®

by dav.d

Introducing one of my favorite nieces, Little Baby Nora®. Of course I play favorites with my nieces and nephews. Nora is easily in the top 5 favorite nieces.

I don’t photograph babies often. There are some excellent baby photographers who do all the time and they’re the ones you should talk to. They’ll have all the latest props, setups, and tricks.

Little angel, Baby Nora

But I love a challenge, and I love to save my family members some money (don’t tell anyone) so I photograph their kids. We went down to Northern Arizona to photograph this little angel. The secret is to photograph them while they are asleep. You can pose them easier when they’re sleeping and when they are under 2 weeks old. The older they get, the more challenging the shoot will be.

Nora’s mom had the perfect outfit! She is an angel ballerina, or a ballerina angel. I’m not sure which. With the tutu, angel wings, and flowered head wrap we were set for props. We used a bed sheet as a background and I had my lighting. We also used a space heater to keep the little girl comfy and sleeping.

Baby Nora sleeping like a champ
Baby Nora sleeping like a champ

I do have some faux fur throws and some baby wraps in various colors. We try and use them to the mother’s taste. We also use pillows underneath the blankets to help raise or lower the baby to the right position.

A baby shoot can take a while since there will need to be time for feeding, crying, and changing messes… even for the baby. I’m happy with how the photos turned out! It definitely fits my style.

Baby Wraps

Baby Nora awake for her photos
Baby Nora awake for her photos


And we’re ending up with detail photos like the feet and fingers. Nora has broken the family tradition of short and stubby fingers. Her’s are long and delicate. I bet she can play 2 pianos at the same time, someday.

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