It’s the Daniels Family Portraits in St. George, Utah

The Daniels invade a St George Park for family photography

by dav.d

Get ready for the post of all posts! It’s been a little while since I blogged and it’s been 2.5 years since I shot these photos of my entire family. We held a family reunion in St. George, Utah. To be honest, 2 family members were unable to make it, so I did some Photoshop to add them in afterwards.

It's the entire family!
It’s the entire family!

That’s the whole entire family. Growing up with 7 kids in the family leads to a good chance there are a bunch of grandkids. And there are 14 grandkids. I was never able to help contribute to that number, but I am the uncle with a camera. As the family photographer, I document them and I get to use their likeness for free advertising. I’m not a hero, but I would like a medal.

Our last reunion was in Park City, and we had a family portrait session then as well. We’ve added a few new members since then.

The O.G. Daniels

Here are the original Daniels. We are missing Jonathan, who was on a military assignment in the Air Force. I’m the oldest of the 7. We’ve lived all over the western United States. In fact, we had at least one child born in each state from California to Kansas. We were stationed in Maryland, but that would’ve been too much work for my mom to go across the entire country. She’s awesome.

Group Shots

In addition to the individual photos, it is important to get the various family units. Here we have the whole family with mom, dad, and the seven kids. Jonathan was added with a photo I had to find. It’s not perfect, but it works.

The Daniels family portrait with all the kids and parents
The Daniels family portrait with all the kids and parents
Adam's family portrait
Adam’s family portrait
Paul and Dell's family portrait
Paul and Dell’s family portrait
Joel and Carissa's family
Joel and Carissa’s family

Joel’s family has had the tradition to pose with the kids upside down. I don’t know how much longer they’ll be able to do this. The kids are growing like weeds. But this photo brings a unique spin to portraiture. And it looks like the kids are happy, for the moment.

Classic upside-down portrait
Classic upside-down portrait

All the Grandkids

And now we have all the grandkids. I shoot these in both a portrait and a vertical view so they work with print books, prints, wall hangings, or whatever. Depending on how much time we have and how many people we have we may get just one series. Otherwise, we get formal and informal photos of each person. With kids, we have a limited attention span and patience can wear thin, fast.

We can’t forget the amazing in-laws…

We do have some amazing in-laws. We don’t have Joe here. He was stuck at work on a new job. Be he’s great as well.

We’re a BYU Family

And finally, we have a BYU photo. We swapped our clothes for our BYU gear. Go Cougars!

We're a BYU Family. We bleed blue.
Daniels family portrait in St George, Utah

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