I’m Calling This a Secret Engagement Session

by dav.d

A few years ago I had photographed Meg and Karen with rescue dogs. The photos I shared on the earlier blog post focused on the dogs they rescued and Meg wanted some headshots for a job. I didn’t share the engagement style photos, because at the time, they were not out of the closet!

Well, they’re happily married now and I’m sharing some awesome photos! I considered these their engagement photos… I don’t know if that is official, but that’s what I’m calling them.

Autumn engagements
Autumn engagements

We had photographed at peak autumn at the Provo Hospital which as a full orchard and the Provo Castle. It’s been a favorite location in Utah County for years. And with the autumn leaves, even better.

Autumn engagements in an orchard
Autumn engagements in an orchard

And you can definitely include the doggos in your engagement session. They did a great job. The dogs would watch the camera like hawks.

But at one point we hide the dogs in the car and focus on Meg and Karen. It’s the chance to be cuddly for the camera. The lighting is amazing, by the way. I have to point that out.

If I could photograph this setup and location everyday, I would die happy. But it comes once a year. And due to covid, the location has been closed for the safety of the hospital.

Autumn engagements
Autumn engagements

The Provo Castle is really an amphitheater. It looks like a castle. I’ve gotten so many shoots out of this spot, I will be happy when it is open again to the public.

Provo Castle is great for engagements
Megan & Karen's engagements
Megan & Karen’s engagements

And it’s the last photo. I had so much fun with this photo shoot. We spent about an hour an a half during the shoot.

Megan & Karen's portraits with dogs
Megan & Karen’s portraits with dogs

It’s always a good idea to plan ahead and think of September as a time to start watching for autumn colors. The colors start changing in the mountains and then head gradually to the valley. In October we’ll have a number of spots in the valley that would work for autumn leaves.

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