A Family Portrait Session in an Apple Orchard in 2011

by dav.d

We’re taking a trip down memory lane with this blog post featuring photos of my friends the Petersons! We photographed the family back in 2011 and Sophie has grown up a bit since then and now has a sister. You can see her sister being chased by a dinosaur here.

Family portraits in an orchard
Family portraits in an orchard

We photographed the family in Provo’s orchard near the Provo Hospital. It is part of the hospital’s grounds and I have used the location repeatedly because it is such a fun location and the price is pretty affordable. We were there in October as the apples had already fallen… so we recreated Sophie picking an apple.

Baby reaches for an apple in an orchard
Family portraits in an orchard

Individual portraits

No family session is complete without individual portraits. We photographed mom and dad and then little Sophie. It’s always important to get the individual shots for prints, albums, and memories. And years later, you can look back and wish you looked that young or that athletic.

Sophie had just learned to stand… so we took a photo of her standing with dad to the side for support in case she fell down.

We then finished up with couple portraits of mom and dad. I still keep the posing simple. If people look and feel natural they look their best in front of the camera.

Mom and dad's portrait in an apple orchard
Family portraits in an orchard

I should create more black and white versions of my photography. Black and white is a dying art it seems.

Black and white couple photo in an orchard
Family portraits in an orchard

And last photo of the shoot is Airplane Sophie.

Dad plays with daughter in the orchard
Dad plays with daughter in the orchard

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