Hussam’s Headshot

by dav.d

I was setting up to photograph a doctor for a commercial portrait shoot. Often I need to test the lighting and setup before the client arrives and I don’t want to be testing with the actual client in the room. So Hussam was right there and volunteered to be my stand in for the test. And he gets an awesome headshot out of the test!

Hussam's headshot

Hussam’s headshot

And I was using my latest lens for this photograph. For years I have been using a 100mm macro for my portraits and headshots because it is crazy sharp. Well, the new 70-200mm lens is also crazy sharp and I can use the longer focal length for an even more flattering look to the portraits. Longer lenses make people look their best. Sorry wide screen iPhone selfies!

Great lighting. Great lens. Great pose means a great headshot. Woo hoo!

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