My Series from the Super Moon Blood Wolf Lunar Eclipse 2019

by dav.d

Fun fact, you can look at a lunar eclipse and not hurt your eyes! Last night was a Super Blood Wolf Lunar Eclipse. I’m too lazy to Google the exact order for those words, but their all important. Super because the moon is the closest to earth it gets, so it is slightly larger. Blood because the moon turns red during a lunar eclipse. And Wolf because Native Americans call the first full moon a Wolf moon, because wolves howl at the moon.

Super Blood Wolf Lunar Eclipse

Super Blood Wolf Lunar Eclipse

I have to use cropped sensor cameras to get a larger view of the moon. I have a long lens for weddings, but it is short for Astro photography. A neighbor had a telescope and that was fun to view the moon. I had a lens extender to help, a little bit. The difficult part is when the moon goes full eclipse, it turns red, but it isn’t very bright.

These eclipses always remind me of an experience in Puerto Rico around 1993, I was going door to door as a missionary and I notice that the moon was starting an eclipse. As we waited at different doors we would enjoy the different phases of the eclipse. It was pretty cool. Now a days, we get a lot of warning of impending eclipses. I was lucky that there were no clouds for the evening. The next morning? Lots of clouds and 5 inches of snow, yay!

Happy Martin Luther King Junior Day. Do something amazing today.

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