Photo Assistants & Second Shooting

by dav.d

In the Ye Olde days there were apprentices who learned from the master craftsman before they would go and start their own business. Today, a lot of people pick up a beginner camera kit at Costco and the next week they start their photography business. Well, I’ve been fortunate to work as a second shooter/apprentice for the last year with Pepper Nix. She has been voted the Best in State photographer for the last 8 years! She is amazing with a personality to boot. Last year I was a second shooter for her on about 10 weddings, it was a crazy busy year. And here is a photograph I took during a winter wedding at the Grand America Hotel. At times I am a pure assistant, carrying light stands, fetching water, and more.

Being an assistant to Pepper this past winter

Being an assistant to Pepper this past winter

Occasionally I hire a second shooter or an assistant. This past Saturday I was photographing a bride at the Utah State Capitol. They have a new rule forbidding light stands. If you are familiar with my photography I love my light stand; it holds my freaking lights so people look amazing. The loophole is you have an assistant hold the light. Here is a test shot of Pamela with my light stick. Woo hoo! We’re compliant to the Capitol rules. Pamela has been a second shooter for me as well and has a great personality as well. So many nice people in the world.

My assistant Pamela helps me test my light's settings

My assistant Pamela helps me test my light’s settings

Occasionally I can share some of the photos I create as a second shooter. Other times I can’t—and that is totally OK. It gives me practice, experience, and training with another photographer and in the end, I become a better photographer. Woo hoo!

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