Updating a Group Photo with a New Employee

by dav.d

I’ll admit that no project instills more fear into a photographer than, we’ll just add that person to the group photograph later. Especially when the group photograph was shot about a year ago. At the time, we didn’t think to make room for the new employee. But I’m always up for a challenge and the good news, I had photographed the original group photograph and I was photographing the new employee. And it works pretty well! If you didn’t know, you wouldn’t question the photograph.

The new nurse practitioner at Spinal Intervention in Provo needed a headshot and we added her to the group photograph.

An updated group photo with a Photoshopped employee

An updated group photo with a Photoshopped employee

And here is her new fantastic headshot, yay!

The new employee's headshot

The new employee’s headshot

And for the fun of it, here is a behind the scenes photograph. I brought my lighting kit and a black background and we set up in the recovery room at the clinic. We did this while there were no clients in the office. I did have to compensate the color of the photograph because the office does reflect light and made the subject a bit more pink. So there is a downside to photographing on location in an office. But it is convenient to clients—I stop by and set up pretty quickly. And then breakdown goes pretty smoothly as well. Not everything needs to be done in a studio.

Behind the scenes photos of the photo shoot

Behind the scenes photos of the photo shoot

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[…] photos I created of the Spinal Intervention Clinic in Provo last year and a month ago I had already posted an updated group photograph where I added a new employee. That was almost as fun as their first group photograph in 2015 where […]


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