Adding Robbie to New York with the Brooklyn Bridge

by dav.d

It’s been a little while since I posted a Photoshop composite. This weekend I had the opportunity to photograph Robbie, and he will get a full blog post of his studio portraits. However, I had to show off a composted that I made. I am using a stock photograph for the background. I haven’t been to New York since the 8th grade so I don’t have my own photos, yet. I’m planning a trip in the next year. In the meantime stock photography to the rescue!

Robbie in New York City

Robbie in New York City

Robbie will be reaching a milestone year. He’ll be turning 40 and he is working hard on getting into the best shape he has ever been in and he has been working hard on it. I wish I looked like this when I turned 40. It takes a few hours a day and a strict diet to get these kind of results, so kudos to Robbie!

So, my goals are to get in shape and get to New York. Then I can photograph the bridge myself. I might even make a print!

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