Recreating Childhood Portraits

by dav.d

Get ready for a barrel of laughs. The photo shoot had people laughing out loud, for real.

Joe and Greg decided to recreate several childhood photos for their parents’ anniversary gift. Joe and Greg were responsible for their own prop budget.

Greg still had the same teddy bear from years before!

We photographed the photos at Joe’s home. I set up a small photo studio in the living room for most of the photos.

Since each background was different, I photographed against a neutral seamless background. I then used Photoshop to composite the subjects with a background that matched the original photograph.

We also photographed in the kitchen. Content is king, so we don’t need to worry about things being perfect. We’re going for fun and close enough.

With Photoshop and planning we can do all sorts of crazy fun or crazy cool projects. If you have a cool concept, let me know!

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