An Orem Wedding in the Time of COVID-19

by dav.d

Welcome to 2020! So many weddings have been cancelled, postponed, or tossed to limbo due to COVID-19. One of my weddings was with Brielle & Gage. The wedding plans went through several revisions.

Wedding portrait at BYU Duck Pond
Wedding portraits at the BYU Duck Pond

Originally, the couple was going to marry and be sealed in the Timpanogos Temple. At one point all the temples around the world were closed or limited almost all activities. So the plan evolved to a backyard wedding with limited guests and a drive-thru reception.

We photographed the formal wedding portraits at the BYU Duck Pond. The temple grounds and other locations were closed to guests. So I did some scouting and found that the Duck Pond was open and available to people. I even did my own selfie photo shoot!

We shot a mix of natural light photographs and with my signature light setup. Both techniques can make people look amazing. It was a beautiful and warm summer’s day. Everyone was a trooper and the photos turned out great.

Wedding portrait at BYU Duck Pond
The dip

We do a mix of formal photos and we create moments for some candid photography. We have the couple walk away and towards the camera. We create small make out sessions which hopefully catch those tender moments between a couple.

Wedding portrait at BYU Duck Pond
Creating those candid moments
Wedding portrait at BYU Duck Pond
A beautiful summer’s day for wedding photos

Bridal Photos

We created some bridal photographs. This was a smaller wedding so we photographed the bride in her dress and holding her bouquet. We also photograph details such as the earrings, something borrowed, something blue, and shoes. If we have more time, or are photographing the makeup before the wedding, we often photograph these details before the bride wears them.

Wedding portrait at BYU Duck Pond
Creating poses for the wedding album

We had a lot of fun photographing this couple. You get a good vibe from them. They make each other laugh and they have great chemistry which is a good sign in my opinion.

The BYU Duck Pond has so many unique spots for photos. There are rocks, streams, trees, and more. I hope no one else discovers this photography goldmine. I guess this is one reason there are so many married couples at BYU.

Couple stand on rocks for wedding portrait
Balancing on the rocks for this photo

I love the great lighting we had for this photo shoot. Even with the sun at the apex, we find some shade, and trees, and we’re good to go.

Wedding couple kiss
Gage carries Brielle with a kiss

Wedding Details

Wedding details are important. Especially for the wedding vendors. If you’re a wedding vendor, I want to make you famous!

The Wedding Party

We photographed the wedding party before the ceremony. We photographed the bride and the bridesmaids. We then photographed the groom with the groomsmen. We then combined the two for the whole wedding party.

The Wedding Ceremony

The important part of the day is the wedding ceremony. Latter-Day Saint weddings are usually in the temple, and are a bit different than your traditional ceremony. So when they have a backyard ceremony, they tend to play things by ear. I did take charge at one time, because there are some photographs I need and want to shoot. Being bossy is sometimes important.

Flower girl dumps the flowers
The flower girl is very efficient at dropping red rose petals
Bride walks the aisle with dad
Brielle, with her step-dad, walk down the aisle
Backyard wedding service
A backyard wedding ceremony
The first kiss as man and wife
The first kiss
The kiss at the end of the ceremony
A kiss at the end of the ceremony

The Wedding Reception—Drive-Thru

The wedding reception was a drive-thru reception. They setup a decorated spot in front and would meet cars as friends and family drove up and dropped off gifts. So there is social distancing and mask wearing.

A wedding couple wearing covid-19 masks
A drive by reception

Here the family peers through the window for a “candid” photo.

A drive-thru wedding reception
A drive-thru wedding reception

Brielle and Gage met while working at Sodalicious. And someone was kind enough to bring a Sodalicious beverage for each. It makes for a fun photograph and a story to tell the grandkids.

Bride & Groom holding Sodalicious
Brielle & Gage met at Sodalicious

The Cake Cutting with Cake Smash

We had a cake smash! Warning, cake was injured in the following photos. And a fun time was had by all.

The night wrapped up after the first dance.

Bride and groom dance the first dance
Bride and groom dance the first dance
The first dance
The first dance

I don’t know if there is a warranty on the bride, but I am sure throwing her in the air would void the warranty in a heartbeat.

Throwing the bride into the air
Throwing the bride into the air

We had a sparkler exit and a final kiss for the night during their exit.

Running away from sparklers
Running away from sparklers
A kiss at the end of the night
A kiss at the end of the night

And be sure to check out the engagement photos for Brielle and Gage.

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