Baby Photographs with Sophie at One Month, Practically Newborn!

by dav.d

I am still practicing baby photography. If I ever get into the business of being a baby photographer I think I will need to be buying some blankets, tutus, a faux fur rug, and a lot more props. it is usually best to photograph babies with in the first 2 weeks of being born. They are more suggestible to poses and they sleep a lot.

Sophie poses for the camera

Sophie poses for the camera

Sophie was pretty cooperative for being awake. We focused on the baby feet, baby fingers, ears, and everything tiny. We did a few photographs where her mom held her. And since the baby was awake we were able to get a few photos of her holding her head up with some frustration on her part. I brought my portable lighting kit. Next time I think it would help to have a space heater. Probably another thing I should invest in!

Baby fingers

Baby fingers

Sophie is half Chinese. Her mom is from Taiwan. It is always cool to find some diversity in Utah and Sophie was cute as a button.

Sophie's first baby photo shoot

Sophie’s first baby photo shoot

Sophie grabs her mom's finger

Sophie grabs her mom’s finger

Sophie discovers her fists while on her tummy

Sophie discovers her fists while on her tummy

Baby Sophie on her mother's shoulder

Baby Sophie on her mother’s shoulder

Mommy holds baby's feet

Mommy holds baby’s feet

Sophie's baby feet

Sophie’s baby feet

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