Daniels Family Photos at Photopia Studios in Cottonwood Heights

by dav.d

It’s the Daniels family! I’ve been photographing Jonathan and Kelli Jo since they were engaged. It’s pretty easy since he’s my youngest brother. It would be a sad day if they ever chose a different photographer.

The whole family portrait with barn doors
The whole family portrait with barn doors

Since I’m the family photographer, I get to suggest the location for portraits. I wanted some family portraits in studio. We used the Photopia Studio in Cottonwood Heights. We can rent the whole studio for an hourly fee. I’m also able to use the lighting and we have a vast variety of backgrounds.

I’m a fan of wood! For this photo shoot we used the white barn doors, shiplap, and reclaimed wood backgrounds. Each family is unique and some backgrounds work better for one family than another. And with the popularity of shiplap, what a great background!

The Kids

We photographed the whole family and then we photographed the kids in a group. Arthur was a bit too relaxed for these photos and James looks a bit worried. However, I am fine with this. I love the unique personalities that show up for these portraits. Kids are only kids for a short amount of time. So, photograph them often and you’ll capture memories that will last a lifetime.

The kids' portrait
The kids’ portrait

We photographed each of the kids on their own. Molly posed perfectly and with a great expression. James and Arthur were a bit more a challenge. It also means we have a lot of variety of the kids. I love the photos of James leaning to the side with a smirk… such a fun photograph. And little Arthur did not want to stay put. Now that he’s mobile, he’s a terror.

So the secret, is put Arthur on a chair and he can’t go anywhere. Yay!

The Parents

And then we photograph the parents on the shiplap and then on the reclaimed wood.

Jonathan & Kelli Jo's Portrait
Jonathan & Kelli Jo’s Portrait

Individual Portraits

And we of course want photos of the parents. Together and by themselves. The more photos the better.

Arthur’s Chair

We’re finishing up with Arthur. He can’t walk yet, or won’t walk. But using a red chair as a literal prop helped create the illusion he can stand or walk. We have a wave and him grabbing the chair for support.

Little Arthur and his red chair
Little Arthur and his red chair

I had too much fun photographing this little family. I’ve photographed their engagements, wedding, baby photos, kids, and family portraits. It’ll be fun to photograph them as they get bigger and start going to school!

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