Behind the Scenes of a Photo Shoot with a Fat Bike

by dav.d

I couldn’t wait to share this photo. For years I have wanted to photograph someone with their mountain bike or some kind of sporting adventure. Well, that finally happened yesterday. I was photographing Cory for headshots, portraits, and even some fitness photos. He is the proud owner of a fat bike. Apparently these things are awesome. They look a bit funny but I guess they are very comfortable to ride.

This is also a chance to show off my portable lighting kit. 90% of the time I am photographing someone this is the lighting setup I am using. I can so so much with this one light. If need be I do have more lights and more equipment… but I get most everything I want done with just one light.

Cory shows off his fat bike and you can see my portable lighting kit

Cory shows off his fat bike and you can see my portable lighting kit

This blog post might appeal more to photographers but I think it is helpful to show what makes my photography look the way it does. This is the secret sauce in most of my photography.

And now, I think I am done blogging for the day. Now I get to prepare for 2 weddings this weekend! I am second shooting for two different photographers and it is going to be busy busy this Labor Day Weekend. I’ll be recovering Monday for sure. Woo hoo!

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