Children Portraits Created with a Film Camera

by dav.d

You’re about to see the first portraits I’ve created with a film camera. For years I have been strictly a digital photographer. Digital is relatively cheap, quick, and easy. However, lately there has been a resurgence of film photography. And like many bandwagons, I thought it would be fun to try out. I am not giving up on digital, but I like the idea of dabbling and trying out film cameras.

This portrait session was with the Bush children. We headed over to the Provo Orchard on Center Street in Spring of 2012 while the trees were blossoming. It was an absolutely beautiful location.

children sit in an orchard

A picnic blanket in an Orchard, perfect for Children Photography

baby on a garden bench in the orchard

Eve sits on a garden bench in the Orchard

Their mom brought along a picnic basket & blanket, garden bench, and some other props for the kids. I brought along everything a photographer would ever need.

kids and cameras don't mix

Eve wants the camera so bad

I shot half a roll of 35mm film and am sharing the results here. I had been trying out film off and on for about 2 years now. I finally found a film processing lab that creates some amazing scans and processing. The look of film is quite a bit different than what I would achieve with my digital camera. I even shot a few Polaroid images.

Julianne photographed in an orchard

Julianne was photograph with a film camera

The orchard blooms in the Spring. These photographs were created in May of 2012. So if you are planning on orchard photographs for your family we can try and plan late April and through May. I work down in Provo, and can do my drive by research. I keep the world of Facebook and my blog updated as to the status of the blossoms.

film portrait in an orchard

Maren’s turn for her headshot in the orchard

When photographing kids you definitely need to bring an energy and patience to get their attention and to look good for camera. I’ll boast about my skills here. In fact I have been the assistant for other photographers and it becomes my responsibility to get the kids to look at and smile or laugh for the camera.

film portrait of child

Henry looks dapper in his tie and vest

If you are curious about film, great! If you are afraid of it, don’t worry, I also shoot digital. I will be working on my portfolio and showing what each type looks like. You can always pick one or the other—or both! And yes, film photographs can be retouched if you are curious. Photoshop was invented back in the days of film.

And the lab that I use (Richard Photo Lab) is one of the leading film labs in the world. The develop, process, scan and color correct the film. They get rave reviews of many pro-photographers from around the world.

polaroid photograph of children in an orchard

Polaroid print of the children. One of a kind photo.

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Ben April 28, 2016 - 10:18 am

Hey great photos! Just wondering what film you were shooting?


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