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by dav.d

I just wrapped up a food photography photo shoot for a burrito cookbook, woo hoo! The book is expected to publish in August and of course I am excited. It was a huge project and I worked with the two authors. They would cook the burritos and then I would help style the burritos and then photograph them.

Both authors are food bloggers and when the book launches I’ll link to their websites. In the meantime I can share a cookies and milk photograph I created for one of their blogs. This is a natural light photograph. This was my chance to try some new techniques. I’ve practiced, I’ve read books, and I’ve had a number of food photo shoots. So I will always jump at the chance for more experience!

Cookies & Milk food photography

Cookies & Milk for a blog

Food photography needs a photographer, a cook, a food stylist, and a prop stylist. Each person is valuable and worth their weight in gold. For this food shoot I played the role of photographer, food stylist, and prop stylist. What a value!

Cookies and milk is pretty simple and any food photograph can be more complicated or more simple. The main focus should always be on making the food look yummy! And even though I am dieting right now… I want some cookies and milk so bad!

Now I need to think of some other foods to photograph. Practice is key!

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