Dinosaur Attacking Children on the Beach!

by dav.d

Nothing motivates you for exercise than a dinosaur chasing you!

My friend Jenn had made a snapshot of little Olivia on the beach in southern California. The photograph was created with an iPhone so the quality isn’t as good as my big cameras but this proves content is king. Olivia didn’t just learn to walk—she runs everywhere. So Jenn asked if I could add a dinosaur chasing her to have fun with the photograph. Challenge accepted.

A tyrannosaurus rex chases after Olivia on the beach

A tyrannosaurus rex chases after Olivia on the beach

I found a tyrannosaurs rex stock photograph on Shutterstock and I had to work in the limits of the iPhone photograph. Matching light, color, contrast. It actually took two different stock photos to find the right model to create this scary and fun photo.

Since the original photo started life as an iPhone photograph I figured I would style the overall image as if it were an Instagram photo. And a good time was had by all, woo hoo!

This is why God created Photoshop.

Dinosaurs chasing people in photography has been pretty popular especially in Wedding Photography. The best has been a wedding party that included Jeff Goldblum from the Jurassic Park movie. Do a Google search—you’ll find it.

Maybe I’ll have to do a few more of this photos as part of my Photoshop Compositing project.

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