Creating a Fake Movie Poster with Camera, Models, and Photoshop

by dav.d

So much fun creating these kind of photographs. I photographed Rich in studio about a week ago, Natalie was photographed on Friday as part of a Friday Night Lights event. I added them and a stock background to create a fake movie poster themed on a Spy of the Future.

I did try adding fire to the photo to add a sense of danger and it didn’t feel right. And too often we add things just to add things. We should learn to keep just the essential in the photograph. If it doesn’t add to the photo, leave it out. Learn to edit. I spent about 2 hours to create the image in Photoshop. However, this is something that would have been a nightmare to organize to photograph in real life. So there definitely is some benefits to faking it in Photoshop.

Fake Movie Poster for a Spy Themed Movie

Fake Movie Poster for a Spy Themed Movie

Many thanks to the people who helped create this photograph. There was a team to work on the hair and makeup for Natalie. The lighting was setup ahead of time for us. As for Rich, we had one suit to work with and I was inspired by James Bond so I had him wear a suit and bring his little arsenal to studio. It helps to have friends who have guns. And just so you know, the gun was unloaded and chamber empty so there was little risk to injury, unless he threw the gun at me.

Here is a list of people who helped out with this photo:
Model: Rich Barton
Model: Natalie Paige Willison
Hair: Derron Revere Willison
Makeup: Robin Bodily

I hope to find more opportunities to create images like this. I have been working on creating 300 Photoshop Composites and I am more than halfway to my goal!

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