Creating Videos with an iPhone—Baby Molly Edition

by dav.d

Well, my visit to Texas is almost over and it has definitely been a wonderful weekend. We had a great baby photo shoot for Little Molly and now I am posting a video that I created entirely with an iPhone.

Yes, I have amazing camera equipment and it can create some amazing photographs and video. And it does require a bit of knowhow and skill from the photographer. That being said, a camera phone, such as the iPhone, is a great way to create videos and edit the videos and then immediately share them on the web and with family.

And with services such as YouTube and Flickr everyone should be copying their files to the internet as a backup! If you lose your camera, you lose your memories and your photo collections. Hey, you can even print your photographs! It is a novel concept I know, but it is a good idea. Websites come and go but prints will last for years.

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