Photographing the Milky Way

by dav.d

For some time now I have wanted to photograph the Milky Way galaxy. To photograph the Milky Way you need to be in a location that is remote and not close to a city with a lot of city lights. The “light pollution” can hide the stars and the night sky. Fortunately, Laughlin AFB in Texas didn’t have too many lights and we saw the Milky Way.

I did not bring my tripod—that is critical to photograph the Milky Way. So I had to improvise. I placed the camera on the roof of a van and I propped up the camera with some lights and lenses. I set the timer and blamo! I have my photograph.

Milky Way Galaxy over Texas

Milky Way Galaxy over Texas

I will need to find another location to photograph the Milky Way. Somewhere like Moab or the Salt Flats would be perfect. At least now I can use this photograph in some of my Photoshop compositing.

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