Cupcakes & Salad… a Balanced Dinner?

by dav.d

I’m looking forward to Friday and not just because Friday is the start of the weekend. I love Friday because I love the song by Rebecca Black! Actually, jokes aside, I will be participating in a photo shoot for a cookbook! I am very excited. To this point my food photography has been a various events and restaurants I have frequented.

This Friday, we will be photographing prepared foods that are designed for the camera. I’ll have my lighting and my photography expertise to make the food look amazing and tasty. We have done some planning for what kind of shots we want for the cookbook.

So in celebration of this upcoming shoot I am sharing some photographs I created at my niece’s birthday party yesterday. For the cupcakes I used the natural window light. For the salad, we were actually in the shade outside so the light worked just fine. I did a creative crop where I don’t show the whole bowl. If this was a stylized shoot I would have rearranged the veggies on top of the lettuce and had some layering going on.

And one more photograph of cupcakes. When I photograph I try to create a landscape and then a portrait photograph. For commercial work you really want both because you don’t know the ultimate layout of a book, magazine, or website. If you follow Pinterest a lot of the popular photographs are portrait/vertical. Although on other websites the photographs that use the screen well are landscape/horizontal. So it helps to have a variety of orientations so the designer has options.

Salad and Cupcakes

Salad vs. Cupcakes

Birthday Cupcakes

Birthday Cupcakes

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