dav.d the Zombie

by dav.d

Who doesn’t love a zombie? They eat brains, they are low maintenance, they are the next big thing behind sexy vampires.

This is a portrait of me. My friend Nicole snapped the photograph of me and I did the retouching. The makeup was done by Robin Bodily, she does an amazing job.

This was my first time acting as a zombie for a stock photography shoot. Since then I have played a zombie for one other iStockPhoto shoot and I have been a zombie several times for Halloween. It may be my calling in life!

Zombie dav.d

dav.d as a zombie

This kind of Photoshop work is what I call the fun and creative Photoshop work. The name fun sort of gives away the concept that it is more entertaining than the clean up work that often finds its way onto a retoucher’s To Do list. Removing trash, cleaning up skin, removing pores, that is the tedious Photoshop. So when I have a fun project like making my zombie photograph look more horror poster looking, that is a ton of fun!

I probably shouldn’t show this photograph to my nieces and nephews, they are a bit freaked out by zombies. However, some families love the zombie and they should have a family photo session where they dress up and get zombie makeup. I would totally have fun photographing something like that!

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