Hair Competition, Recreating Another Photograph

by dav.d

I worked with a hair stylist who was entering a hair competition. He needed an 8×10″ print to send in for the competition. He wanted to recreate the cover of a music album, I won’t mention the artist because she is a bit crazy and sometimes sue happy.

We photographed in studio and I added the laser in post production. I created several different laser effects and the hair stylist picked his favorite. I also changed the color of the finger nails, did the standard skin retouching, and basic editing. The one thing I didn’t touch was the hair. It would have been a violation of the styling competition to touch the hair in Photoshop.

Hair model with laser chinese symbol

Recreating the cover of a music album

I’ll confess this, it is a learning experience to take someone’s photograph and try and recreate it in camera and then in Photoshop. I am pretty happy with the results.

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