I Finally Bought & Decorated a Christmas Tree

by dav.d

I hereby renounce the nickname Scrooge. I’m not sure why I went so long without buying my own Christmas tree. I think I was lazy. I was waiting till after Christmas for some deals perhaps. Or I was just fine enjoying the Christmas trees of the family when I would visit. Well, no more, I now have my own tree!

I decided to go with colorful lights, because it is what I had when I was a kid. And yes, it is popular to decorate your tree with plain white lights, but I am a fan of color. I did pick a gold, blue and silver color scheme. Partly because of BYU (huge fan and alumnus here) I decided on blue. And the gold and silver go well with blue.

My Christmas tree is decorated

My Christmas tree is decorated

As a kid I would play with the ornaments on the tree and of course play with some Star Wars action figures as if the entire tree was the Empire’s Death Star. Yeah, I am a weirdo.

I love the Christmas season for the meaning, memories, family, and decorations. It is a magical time of year, if not stressful. It is also a time to spend with family! I am looking forward to our first large family photograph in years! Hopefully I will be blogging a few more times before Christmas, but if I don’t… Merry Christmas!

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