The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

by dav.d

How do you get a great landscape photograph? You visit the same location over and over until you get the most amazing photograph. I have visited the Golden Gate Bridge on 3 separate occasions and I still have yet to get everything I want from the photograph.

The first time was during the middle of the day—not the ideal time to photograph the bridge. The second was super foggy and not a great position. This most recent time was during sunset but there were not clouds! And I hadn’t brought my tripod. So I was able to fake the sky in Photoshop with some clouds I had photographed in Utah. The one thing I would love was a tripod so I can get the smooth water from a long exposure. Then things would be perfect.

I’ll just have to go visit San Francisco again.

The Golden Gate Bridge at Sunset

The Golden Gate Bridge at Sunset

This photograph is good enough for a print to hang on my wall, for now. And ultimately that is the goal for every photographer.

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