Jonathan & Kelli Jo’s Wedding Portrait at the Salt Lake Temple

by dav.d

For the last few years I have tried to maintain multiple websites. One for my general photography and one for wedding photography. Well, I can’t maintain two seperate websites and two seperate blogs. So, I will be bringing my wedding content over to this, my main website!

So as a start, here is a photograph of Jonathan & Kelli Jo. Just an FYI, Jonathan is my youngest brother and Kelli Jo is his amazing wife. This photograph is actually a Photoshop composite! I had a mega photo shoot with them before their wedding during a day in November and it was very warm and perfect for photos. However, I really wanted them to have some Christmas lights in their photograph. And those lights are only available at night! So with the help of Photoshop we have the perfect photograph!

Wedding couple and the salt lake temple

Jonathan & Kelli Jo at the Salt Lake Temple

As I migrate my wedding content over to this site I’ll be sure to share their whole wedding, bridals, and formals! A lot of great photos, but I be sure to just share the best.

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