Keep Your Camera with You at All Times

by dav.d

It has been said repeatedly that the best camera you own is the one you have with you. It is something I can definitely work on, but I am getting better.

In the case of this sunset photo, I was leaving the gym and I saw that the golden light was looking beautiful and that the sunset had a good chance of going orange, pink, and red. When there are some clouds in the sky you have the best chance for amazing. Too many clouds and it doesn’t work. No, clouds? Boring.

Well, it is a good thing I had my main camera in the trunk of my car. It doesn’t help much if it is sitting in the office at home. So I drive to a spot that would give me a clear view of the sun setting over the Salt Lake Valley. I have photographed there before so I had to get their quickly before the sunset disappeared. The key is to be prepared.

Sunset over the Salt Lake Valley

Sunsets over the Salt Lake Valley

I have shot these kinds of sunset with an iPhone before and it never does justice to the landscape. And the iPhone is limited to a wide angle of view. That wouldn’t work so well for this photograph. Fortunately, I was a bit prepared to photograph something. My camera bag will have at least one or two lenses to choose from. I never know if I will have an emergency phone call about a need for a photographer. It has happened!

I have it as a goal to have a camera on my person everywhere I go. I might not be able to carry a full sized SLR camera everywhere, but there are a few smaller cameras that might help out. And sometimes the trunk of the car isn’t close enough, so be prepared.

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