Pizza, Someday I Want to Try Real Food Photography

by dav.d

Unfortunately, I don’t cook. I know I could cook if I tried or put in the effort. I did a great job in home economics in school. I even helped cook for the family when I was a kid, it was part of the routine. However, too often it is easy to just go to a fast food place to eat or if I am eating healthy I keep it simple, really simple.

I was having lunch at Two Jacks Pizza in Provo, Utah and they have some really good pizza. This is their 8″ personal pie that I usually will get with Italian sausage, pepperoni, and onions. And then I just baste it in red pepper flakes, I like my food with a kick.

It was also my last day of a lens rental. I was trying out a lens for a week and I was going to get my money’s worth by photographing everything!

Pizza at Two Jacks Pizza in Provo

Practicing my food photography

There is so much that goes into food photography. Typically there will be a food stylist who helps pick the food, prepare the food and will use all the tricks available to make food look fantastic. It is up to the photographer to compose, light, and photograph the food. Sometimes you actually will have an additional stylist who will pick the plate ware, tabletop, utensils and more. My friend Nicolesy does it all! She even wrote a book on food photography. She is definitely my inspiration to try this, at least once, to prepare, style, and photograph a food photography shoot.

I should start simple with a bowl of fruit.

Sometimes, you just got to start!

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