Extreme Color Inside a Hot Air Balloon

by dav.d

I have been going to the Provo Freedom Festival for a few years now. My nephews and nieces are big fans of the hot air balloons that launch in the early morning. I don’t think they are fans of the early morning, but they love the balloons. Anytime I go it is with my camera in hand. It is really fun, and it can be really beautiful.

On one occasion I went with a few photographers and I was really impressed with a photograph a friend created from within the balloon. It was colorful, it was very graphic and she even made a large print. Since that time I have wanted to create my own version of the “Inside the Balloon” photograph.

This is my closest attempt to date!

Extremely colorful inside a hot air balloon

Extremely colorful inside a hot air balloon

At the balloon festival you are able to go up and watch and chat with the balloonists. You can watch them setup the balloons and see how everything is done. They will even let you stick a camera in the opening and take some photographs. Some balloons work better than others from the inside. I like the rainbow motif for this balloon. I am a huge fan of color and saturation. A little work in Photoshop and it is perfect. I’ll add this to my list of “photographs I should print large.”

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