Portraits at the Home of Steve & John

by dav.d

We can photograph virtually anywhere. Photographing people in amazing locations can make things easier and with the work that Steve and John put into their backyard and home, these portraits were a cinch!

I met John when I started photographing the Utah Pride events each year. He has been the festival director. With how much time that and his day job require, I’m amazed at how much work they put into their home. It’s a backyard that would make Mr. Miyagi of Karate Kid fame jealous.

We photographed in the evening when light was better in the summer. I have my portable lighting kit that makes people look their best. It makes portraiture so much easier. (Don’t tell anyone)

The inside of the home is immaculate. And I hope these portraits capture that.

They spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Who doesn’t want to be the next Iron Chef or Star Baker? The kitchen is decked out to the nines, and they wanted a portrait to document.

So we can photograph anywhere and anytime. Although, photographing on holidays might cost extra. I like my holidays.

Photographing at home also allowed for many outfit changes. You can have as many outfit changes in the time allotted. Too many outfits, might mean less photos, but more variety. So there are some tradeoffs.

And last photo! Woo hoo!

Steve and John were great to work with. And hopefully, you’ll see me at Utah Pride this year. I’m planning on photographing again.

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