Ian & Kevin’s Studio Portraits in Cottonwood Heights

by dav.d

There are so many different reasons to get a portrait created by a professional photographer. Whether it is to hang a print on the wall or have a small print in a wallet. Perhaps you need an updated portrait for LinkedIn or even Facebook.

These photos are some favorites because everyone looks so classy with the dark and light tones. I setup the perfect lighting to emphasize and refine the portraiture.

Ian & Kevin's Portrait in Studio
Ian & Kevin’s Portrait in Studio

Ian and Kevin are planning on adoption. One requirement is to have a good family photograph. When they contacted me we discussed some options for a location and we settled on shooting in studio. Shooting in studio helps avoid bad weather. We have full control over the background, light, props, and it’s easier to change outfits.

It also comes with some fun options for backgrounds. It can feel a lot more formal and maybe upscale.

I have been using Photopia recently because they have a number of backgrounds that are unique and fun. And they are so much more than seamless rolls of paper. Seamless rolls are great for a solid color. But when you can have textures, prints, and shapes… even green plants. You have a lot more fun.

Creating unique portraits with flower background
Creating unique portraits with flower background

If you know what shiplap, then you probably spend too much time in Home Depot or watching HGTV. It’s a vertical wood slat often painted with light colors. Chip and Joanna made it popular.

Ian and Kevin in front of the shiplap wall
Ian and Kevin in front of the shiplap wall

This wall is their latest creation… the “latte” wall. It’s the color of latte with white trim as the foam. Get it?! And it looks dang classy.

Portrait in front of the latte wall
Portrait in front of the latte wall
Couple portrait
Couple portrait

The green plant wall is also a unique look. People have been decorating their walls in offices with fake green plants. It’s great for audio podcasting. That’s some useless information for you!

And we finish up with a simple white background with a cool vertical texture. It makes this studio space very versatile.

Ian and Kevin's couple portrait
Ian and Kevin’s couple portrait
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