Pride Karaoke Competition at Salt Lake’s Club JAM

by dav.d

For the last few years Club JAM has hosted a karaoke contest and the winners get to perform and compete on the north stage of Utah Pride. There are prizes for the winners and it has become quite popular. I was there to photograph the karaoke and the decorations of the building. They had wrapped everything in rainbow. I did some light painting of Jam’s name as well. If I photograph the same thing again and again I need to try new things or I get bored and my photography goes stale. No one wants stale photography.

One way to try and win is to wear a costume and if your costume involves taking your shirt off even better. I am sure that is quite popular for the judges and the audience.

Take your shirt off for Karaoke Night

Singing shirtless probably helps at a Gay club like JAM

The judges worked similar to American Idol. The provided some feedback and then ranked their favorites.

Karaoke Idol Judges at JAM

Judges listen to the Karaoke contestants sing for their life

I need to practice my light painting. In this case I had to write the letters backwards, I couldn’t flip the photo backwards. It takes some practice. Typically, you can just flip the photo after writing how you read it. I probably don’t make sense, but it does when you try it.

Light painting JAM for Pride

I did some light painting in front of JAM

Getting the next song ready for karaoke

The Karaoke Host Organizes the Lineup

Singing a song for Karaoke at JAM

This better be a ballad

And last photo for the post, these are the owner/managers of JAM. They have been successfully named as the top gay club in Salt Lake City for several years.

Owners of Club JAM

The owners of JAB pose for a photograph

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