Random Oregon Photos of the Day

by dav.d

Tomorrow morning I’ll be on my way to San Jose! San Jose is the home to my friend’s Nicolesy & Brian. They are good friends of mine and also amazing photographers. It is always fun to hang out with them and I am looking forward to the trip. We like to meet up and go photographing.

I’m sharing 2 random photos that I created when last visited them in Oregon. They have since moved to California, so hopefully we can make it up to San Francisco and surrounding areas. There are so many beautiful locations to visit and photograph in this great country. I often tell Nicolesy that I create my best photographs when I hang out with her.

This first photograph of a foggy forest was while we were heading to a state park in Oregon. We were on our way to a waterfall when we had to pull over and photograph the amazing forest. Utah has nothing like this and it is a great reason to go visit the Pacific Northwest.

A foggy Oregon Forest

A foggy Oregon Forest

The farm was also a spur of the moment to pull the car over and photograph this farm surrounded by green rolling hills. The clouds were breathtaking and just beautiful.

An Oregon Farm

An Oregon Farm

I’m excited for our weekend of photography! Should be a blast! I’ll be updating my Instagram a lot.

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