Stop the Car! There is an Amazing Sunset!

by dav.d

If I could schedule a portrait session every evening and have an amazing sunset, I would be a very happy photographer. Any time I see a great sunset and I don’t have my camera in hand I feel like the sunset went to waste. I really feel bad when I am trapped in traffic and my camera is in the trunk of the car.

Well, last night I pulled the car over and grabbed the camera. I was on the highway so I took the first exit. I will confess, I really enjoyed the sunset without the camera. The whole valley was bathed in pink and purple with so orange going everywhere.

My car parked on the road under a beautiful sunset

My car parked on the road under a beautiful sunset

I am still uncomfortable pulling over on the actual highway, thank goodness I found an off ramp. This is my car with the trunk popped and I am just blasting away with my camera. I should try and plan my evenings better so I am always in a great location for sunset. Otherwise, I might have to settle for my iPhone out the window.

Next time, I’ll just have my camera ready to go and have a model in the back seat ready for a photo session.

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