Behind the Scenes of a Food Photo Shoot, Donut Edition

by dav.d

I don’t really cook and I don’t have a fancy kitchen, but I do dream of mastering the art of food photography. I have a friend who wrote a book on the topic and she does an amazing job. To date my experience has been photographing food that other people created and presented at fundraisers, weddings, or other activities. I always bring some portable lighting and make their food look tasty for the camera.

In this case I actually bought donuts and photographed them in the kitchen. With a light and a reflector I tried to make the donuts and the frosting look very tasty. I even had one person who asked to print and frame one of the frosting photos on their kitchen wall.

Pink and Chocolate Frosted Donut

Frosting Heaven

Here is the behind the scenes look at my setup to photograph the donuts. If I wasn’t trying to lose weight I would be buying local desserts and foods and photographing them nonstop and then eating the results. So it is on my bucket list to master this craft. Maybe I will start small and photograph healthy food that I learn to create. If there are local Utah companies and restaurants who need food photography, I’d love to come to your restaurant and photograph your food items. One of these days I’ll be able to go pro as a food photographer. At least, that is my goal for food.

Behind the scenes of a donut food shoot

Behind the Scenes of my Donut Photo Shoot

Red and Orange frosted donut

Frosted Donut with Orange and Red Frosting

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