Bush Children Portraits in Provo’s Orchard, Digital Edition

by dav.d

Yes, I photograph the Bush children a lot. I’ll admit, I’m their Uncle with a camera. So my sister loves it when I suggest it is photograph time. Especially when there are apple blossoms in the orchard in Provo, Utah. In 2012 the blossoms showed up in May. I check weekly during the spring. It is a beautiful location to photograph. Occasionally you’ll see deer there. I’ve already posted the film version of this photo shoot, this is the digital version.

Eve is the class clown for kid portraits

Eve makes a face for the group photograph

For this shoot we decided to bring the Bush family picnic basket, blanket, and garden seat. These would be prefect props for a picnic in the orchard. My job was to bring the camera gear and amazing lighting. Melanie, the mom, was my assistant and would hold a diffusion panel to soften the sunlight and the shadows created by the trees. I had my portable lighting setup to create beautiful soft light that would make everyone look their best. Compare this shoot to one I did back in 2008 and it is night and day difference. I barely did any processing on the photographs, most of these are right out of camera. A lot changes in 4 years. I have improved as a photographer and the kids have grown, in fact there is a new kids! That is why you get portraits regularly.

Kids climb an apple tree in Provo

The older kids climb an apple tree

Even during portrait session it is nice to photograph some of the details of the location. Especially if we create a printed book. Videographers will often grab b-roll footage to add to a video. Photographers will photograph the details surrounding a photo shoot. For a wedding this would be the cake, decorations, bride’s shoes. For a photo shoot in an orchard, we would photograph the deer, blossoms, surrounding mountains. I think it helps tell a more complete story.

Apple blossoms in the orchard

Spring is the time for Apple Blossoms

Photographing all 4 children together is just the start. We then break things down in groups, photographs of the girls, then the boy(s), then Mom with each child, and then individual shots. Everyone gets a chance to be a star!

Just the girls on the park bench

Just the Girls Portrait

Henry by himself in the orchard

Henry represents the boys in the family

Since Eve was only 10 months old she definitely got the superstar treatment. She even hammed it up for the camera. She made faces and really showed her personality. Her sitting by herself on the park bench are some of my favorite photographs ever, and I do mean that.

Eve is awfully cute in the orchard

Eve makes faces for the camera

Eve sits on a garden bench in the Orchard

I love this shot of Eve on the garden bench

Eve and her Mom

Eve hangs out with her favorite mother

Mom and Eve share a hug

Eve gives her mom a hug

Eve gives a kiss to mommy

Eve gives her mom a kiss

Julianne is a natural in front of the camera

Julianne is a natural model in front of the camera

Melanie poses with Julianne

Melanie poses with Julianne

Henry looks dapper in is sweater vest

Henry sports this season’s Sweater Vest

Melanie poses with Henry

Mom has her portrait with Henry

Maren poses for the camera

Maren poses for the camera

Bush children stand in the orchard

Standing up for Children Portraits

Sitting for a picnic in the orchard

Time for a picnic lunch

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