CEO Portraits for Woodside Homes

by dav.d

Woodside Homes builds custom homes designed by you! I had the opportunity to photograph their CEO for some headshots, publicity photographs, and I believe a magazine cover article about him and the company. He has been an avid photographer before and that along with the shots we needed allowed me more time than normal to photograph a CEO. Typically you will have a few minutes to photograph a CEO or business leader. We had at least an hour. We didn’t take that long.

We did want to photograph in front of some finished model homes, inside some of the homes, and then in front of a home under construction. They needed these in a hurry so turn around time was important. The Woodside marketing coordinator acted as art director and even photo assistant.

CEO of Woodside Homes

CEO of Woodside stands in front of a custom home

The model homes they have were just beautiful. I should stop buying camera gear and start chunking money towards a down payment for a home of my own. A kitchen like this would be awesome for food photography and photographing people cooking. Its one step away from a Martha Stewart kitchen.

CEO of Woodside Homes

CEO of Woodside Homes in the Kitchen of a Model Home

To move from location to location was very important. I typically will use one light on an umbrella and when need be we used a reflector to diffuse some of the harsh sunlight.

CEO of Woodside Homes

Woodside’s CEO headshot in a home under construction

CEO of Woodside Homes

CEO stands in a future home

CEO of Woodside Homes

CEO of Woodside Homes Stands in Front of a Model Home

CEO of Woodside Homes

CEO and the Design Inspiration Wall

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