Chris’ Portrait Session in Big Cottonwood Canyon in Autumn

by dav.d

Sure you can photograph people anytime of the year, but autumn might be the most popular time of the year. It is still warm enough for portraits outside and the autumn leaves provide some amazing color for backgrounds. Sure green is great, but yellow, orange, red is a painting ready to happen. I’m jealous of the people who live in Vermont, they have the best autumn leaves ever.

Here in Utah we do have the parks but we also have mountains and the canyons. I haven’t used them enough in my photography. They can be breathtaking. I photographed Chris in Big Cottonwood Canyon back in October of 2008. So these are some older portraits and shot with my old Nikon cameras. We went natural light for these and I did a bit of color processing from what it looks like. I guess it is interesting how taste changes. I don’t know if I would go so contrasty and saturated. And I am sure I would have brought a flash along as well.

Autumn trees as background for chris portrait

Autumn is amazing for the color, gotta photograph before winter

We found a canyon area that had a road that winded off the main road. We were able to get some aspen trees, autumn leaves and some secluded area for portraits. We photographing people sometimes you don’t want the whole world watching. People are shy enough in front of the camera. It doesn’t help when people are driving or walking by all the time.

Black and white portrait of Chris

Aspen trees are beautiful

As spring approaches I am hoping to take more advantage of Utah’s natural beauty and photograph more and more in the mountains. There are some beautiful locations. And I am sure the hiking and exploring will be great exercise. Maybe I’ll hike Timp this year.

Going for that hitchhiker look

Chris borrowed my backpack to create a hitchhiker photo

Valley portion of Big Cottonwood Canyon

Find one spot and shoot the different angles and backgrounds

Beautiful scenery with autumn leaves

Chris stand in front of the autumn leaves

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