Photoshop a Male Model into a Winter Wonderland

by dav.d

I’ve been a horrible blogger, but an active photographer and retoucher! Sometimes, if it is a slow Saturday, I’ll throw on a movie and launch Photoshop and see where my imagination takes me.

I had photographed Julio in studio a few years ago and he had brought so many outfits and he provided such a wealth of poses that I keep going back to put him into different Photoshop composite creations. And I wanted to play around with painting snow. So this background of aspen trees in winter was perfect. The snow was created with a Photoshop brush and I used layers in front and behind the model and I used filters to make the focus and movement more realistic. Woo hoo!

Julio in Winter with Aspens

Julio in Winter

I had so much fun with this photograph. If people ever want a portrait or headshot during the wintertime but you don’t want to go outside… Photoshop comes to the rescue. We would never need to leave the studio! We can draw up some concept sketches or wireframes and then create a magical world or keep it simple and put you anywhere you would like.

I’ll be keeping these projects going just for the fun of it. And it stirs up the creativity noggin.

BTW, the movie I was watching was the Wedding Singer, an Adam Sandler classic.
“Things That Should’ve Been Said Yesterday!”

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