Christmas Time Photos for the Bush Family 2018

by dav.d

Christmas lights are cool. You can decorate more than Christmas… there are weddings, or baby showers, or other events worthy of the decor. If it is for Christmas, you don’t leave them up too late after the holidays and don’t put them up too soon.

They work great for family portraits, or individual portraits as well. With the right camera gear the lights go all blurry and cool looking. I could do this in studio, but is is cheaper to use the lights at the Orem City Park by the library, or anywhere that decorates with Christmas lights. If you’re a Christmas bride at the Salt Lake Temple, take advantage of a night shoot with the Christmas lights.

The whole Bush family

The whole Bush family

We keep things going quickly so no one is freezing too much. You can reward kids’ good behavior with piping hot cocoa. We photographed each person individually and then the whole family together. We played it a little loose on the composition. Some people had a whole body shot, others just a headshot.

Henry's Christmas Portrait

Henry’s Christmas Portrait

Eve's Christmas Portrait

Eve’s Christmas Portrait

Henry's Christmas Portrait

Henry’s Christmas Portrait

Julianne's Christmas Portrait

Julianne’s Christmas Portrait

Maren's Christmas Portrait

Maren’s Christmas Portrait

Melanie's Christmas portrait

Melanie’s Christmas portrait

Joe's Christmas portrait

Joe’s Christmas portrait

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