Derek Kitchen and Moudi Sbeity are on Buzzfeed with my Photos

by dav.d

Check out an article on Buzzfeed that features my photography! I had the opportunity last weekend to photograph one of the couples who are challenging Utah’s Amendment 3 in court. The couple is Derek Kitchen and Moudi Sbeity.

The photo assignment was to follow Derek and Moudi through their daily lives. They own their own business. They make and distribute a line of middle eastern spreads that is delicious. Since I am not yet a true photojournalist, I can be a bit biased. Their product can be found on shelves in Utah and they are distributing to Whole Foods!

Derek Kitchen & Moudi Sbeity on Buzzfeed with my photography

Derek Kitchen & Moudi Sbeity on Buzzfeed with my photography

I’ll be blogging some of the photographs sooner or later, but first Buzzfeed and other media outlets will have first run exclusivity. So be sure to read the article.

I did have the opportunity to photograph one of the other couples and those photos will be released sooner or later as well. Yay!

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