Waffle Love, in Search of the Color Photograph

by dav.d

There seems to be a huge surge in the term “street photography.” The idea being to grab a camera and photograph unique scenes and people you happen to find on the street or the neighbor hood. I’m not sure who the market is geared for in street photography. Personally, I just like the idea of finding and creating a great photograph.

Often street photography ends up being a black and white photograph. My taste is more to color photography. I love color. I am also a fan of saturated photographs that start to be a bit contrasty, but not overly baked.

So when I find a mural like this for the Waffle Love shoppe I get all sorts of excited. The Waffle Love was a food truck that traveled the length and width of Provo, Utah. Well, they now have a permanent location and room for a mural.

Waffle Love in Provo, Utah

Waffle Love in Provo, Utah

The waffle itself was good, although they forget the Biscoff spread and since I took it to go I couldn’t get my waffle fixed 🙁 I guess I’ll have to return to try them again.

As for the photograph, I often will carry at least one camera with me so I can photograph anything cool or unique or even just a good backdrop for my Photoshop projects. I’m loving my little Fuji camera, I don’t look like a pro, and it is quite and lightweight. I almost feel like a ninja, without a katana blade.

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