Fun Creating Portraits of Pamela, at Exchange Place

by dav.d

When you get a phone call to go do headshots early on a Saturday morning, be ready to fly out of the door. My friend, Pamela, is a photographer and does a lot of work with video. She had been a Director of Photography for a number of video projects. She called me up and said she had rented a Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 lens and she wanted to go play with the lens.

Pamela on a Zeiss lens

Pamela photographed with a rented Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 lens

We took turns photographing each other and creating some headshots. I rotated between the digital camera with Zeiss lens to my Mamiya film lens. We shot some natural light and some off camera lighting. It was fun to see the difference between the different mediums. And I love Pamela’s new hairstyle it really adds some character to the portraits.

Pamela on Impossible Project Polaroid film

Going old School with Polaroid camera and Impossible Project Film

Exchange place is one of my favorite go to locations for downtown portraits. We have a graffiti wall, golden doors, stone column work, brick, and more in the way of textures and backgrounds. You get so much variety in one location, it rocks.

Pamela on Kodak Film

Pamela’s Headshot with Film

Nothing creates gear lust more than trying something new, especially a rental. I rent gear first before I ever by something. I have heard about the Zeiss lenses and they were so sharp wide open. It is now on my wishlist. That list is growing every day!

Pamela Headshot

Mix of natural light and umbrella light

Now that spring is here I am excited to get outside and create some new portraits.

Pamela and the Golden Doors on Exchange Place

Pamela on digital with off camera lighting

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