Photo of the Day: Julianne

by dav.d

This Saturday I had a photo shoot and in preparation for the shoot I wanted to do a test shot. Julianne was my “volunteer” model for this test. We had autumn leaves in the background and I was using my lighting kit to add some sunlight to the portrait. It is fun to get creative with the tools and create something better than reality. And I didn’t use a touch of Photoshop for this portrait.

Julianne's portrait in Autumn

Julianne’s portrait in Autumn

I’ve wanted to play around with creating a sun flare in camera and it turned out great. I just strapped a warming gel on one of the lights and placed it behind Julianne and made sure the flash peeked into the frame and that was enough to give a hint of sun flare. It almost looks better than the real thing!

I need to get back into the swing of things with this blog! I have so many photos to share! I have old photos and new photos that need to make it to the blog. I need two of me. Anyone an expert in cloning or time travel technology?

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