Fun With Impossible Project Film, Going Old School Polaroid

by dav.d

Digital photography can certainly create some unique, if not impossible photography. With my compositing I can create impossible scenes. However, sometimes it is fun to let the camera and film do all the work. Granted I pick the model, pick the location, pick the composition… but the final look of the photograph is all determined by the film.

I love photographing with film from the Impossible Project. A while back Polaroid, the original instant film folk, went out of business. A group of people bought one of the old Polaroid manfacturing plants and started to reinvent instant film. And their film is unique! This is a photograph of my friend Pamela. This is what the photograph looks straight out of camera—no Photoshop needed.

Pamela models her Canon 7D in front of a graffiti wall

Pamela, photographed with Impossible Project Film

The film isn’t cheap, but you get a one of a kind photograph. I love it! I’m looking forward to my own photo shoot and looking great on a unique film and a one of a kind photograph.

Occasionally, I will bring the Polaroid cameras along to a photo shoot and create one or two shots. They are beautiful!

And it is fun being one of the few photographers who shoots both film and digital composites. It seems like 2 extremes that would never go together, but I like the variety.

Impossible Project makes color film and they make some cool black and white film. I’ll have to show that off. And occasionally they will change up the frame. Instead of the traditional white frame they might have red, green, gold, or something else unique.

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