Creating Cool Images, Even with a Pocket Camera

by dav.d

Can you really call yourself a photographer if you don’t have a camera with you? Sure, your iPhone counts. However, there is only so much you can do with a camera phone. And with the power of Photoshop, maybe the type of the camera isn’t important.

The following photograph is fake! Well, the background is from Moab, some stock photography. The truck itself was photographed by me in a parking lot in Provo. I was on a lunch walk, I enjoy the exercise. For these walks I typically will bring a small compact camera, something that fits in my pocket. I don’t expect to find much since noon day sunlight isn’t ideal for photography. However, I found this awesome antique truck in the parking lot and I snapped a few photographs.

Classic Truck in the middle of Moab

Moving the truck from a parking lot to Moab made for a better image.

The parking lot was just the wrong location for a truck like this. So I found a sunny field photograph that happened to be in Moab. Some time spent in Photoshop and voila! Cool photograph. And I have gotten some rave reviews from people. In fact one photographer wanted to know where I found the truck, he didn’t realize that this was retouched in Photoshop. You know a composite works when you start fooling people, especially photographers! One at least one person expressed interest in buying this photograph as a print for their home, which is even better!

So the lesson learned is to always have a camera with you. And another lesson would be to keep your eyes open for interesting subjects. Especially when they have an Autobot logo on the side.

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