I’m In Moab This Weekend, Hooray Dead Horse Point

by dav.d

This morning I woke up at 4am to meetup with 18 other photographers. I am attending The Digital Photo Workshops in Moab for the next few days. We will be photographing a number of the best arches in Moab and in between receive training on Lightroom, light painting, and landscape photography.

We were going to head to Mesa Arch but the place was already swarmed with photographers so we went over to Dead Horse Point and created our photographs. I am including a mix of iPhone photos and some other photographs.

Here is my big camera on the tripod. It was doing a long exposure. I took a lot of photographs and I am hoping for at least one keeper. We show up early before the sun rises so we can be in place to get the shot.

tripod overlooking Dead Horse Point

Behind the Scenes of Dead Horse Point Landscape Photography

I’m sporting a headlamp so I can not fall off a cliff and die. That would be bad. I knew of one ledge that would be perfect for the sunrise. We had about 3 photographers in place for the light.

man with headlamp ready to photograph

A selfie in Moab and we’re at Dead Horse Point this morning

This was a photograph with my small Canon M. I’ll be editing the big camera’s photos later this week.

dead horse point with Colorado River

Moab’s Dead Horse Point at dawn

As a portrait photographer I love the idea of capturing a person in the scene. This is my friend Brian who is a photographer and he is overlooking Dead Horse Point while he prepares his camera and tripod.

man stands on cliff over dead h

My friend Brian overlooks Dead Horse Point

I will admit, I was pretty nervous from the heights. The cliffs are probably 700-1000 feet. But I overcame my fear and was able to get the photographs I wanted. Woo hoo!

Red Cliffs in Moab

Who is afraid of heights? The cliffs in Moab can be intimidating.

dav.d with his camera and his tripod ready to rock the Landscape photography

dav.d with his camera and his tripod ready to rock the Landscape photography

After the early morning photo shoot we went over to Jailhouse Cafe for the best breakfast in Moab, Utah. Their Swedish pancakes and bacon are worth the trip.

Jailhouse Cafe is the best breakfast in Moab, Utah

Jailhouse Cafe is the best breakfast in Moab, Utah

bacon english muffins swedish pancakes

Best Bacon with a side of Swedish Pancakes and English Muffins at the Jailhouse Cafe

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