Little Eve Enjoys the Autumn Leaves

by dav.d

Autumn is a wonderful time of year for portraits. The color of the autumn leaves can provide a beautiful backdrop for an individual’s portraits or a family portrait. The challenge can be timing the family photo shoot to when there are actual autumn leaves. I have been carrying a camera around with me collecting photographers of various colors, trees, and leaves to I can use them in my portrait’s composites.

I present this photograph of Eve. I photographed her in studio last summer time, no autumn leaves in site! With my magic in Photoshop I was able to create the illusion she is in front of an tree with autumn leaves. I even added some sunflare to spice up the image a little bit.

little girl enjoys the autumn leaves

Eve enjoys the autumn leaves

It takes a bit more work but it does give me some flexibility and creativity. And this becomes a unique photograph. My next project is to replace the background for a family portrait with something that is more colorful.

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